A Company with a New Approach

We are a company with a brand new approach to sales in Africa. Africans currently buy but are not sold to. The procurement of medical systems in Africa today remains very complex and cumbersome. African medical directors and procurement department heads today have to surf the internet and make international phone calls just to get quotations. We plan to simplify this process by having a strong local presence with the ability to provide quotations and the capacity to provide constructive advice and consultation on the appropriate solution(s) for the current need as well as the long-term viability of the product and customers’ operations. Additionally, we have established a reference site where prospective buyers can see some of the equipment we sell while in operation. We have currently installed the Centauri .3 Tesla MRI system installed at our reference site. No other distributor or vendor has shown this level of commitment to the African market.

Expert Equipment Repair

The number one complaint that most medical institutions in Africa have is lack of support. We closely work with all our vendors to develop the in-house skills necessary to install, configure and maintain the equipments that we sell. Currently we have ten systems engineers capable of installing, configuring and maintaining various medical equipments. We have the largest number of Biomedical Equipment Engineers in the country.

Finest Equipment at an Affordable Price

While we offer products from well known companies like GE and Carestream Healthcare, we are continually expanding our partnership base to include other high quality equipment vendors that are able to offer more competitive pricing.